03 July 2012

What My Friends Love To Do In NYC

When I was compiling my NYC bucket list, I asked my friends to send me some of their favorites.  Some did and some didn't.  Some also believed the question was what do you think I haven't done and still need to do in the city.  Regardless, all answers very appreciated.

Amber loves the Conservatory Garden and the Morgan Library. 

Ben (the one on the far right) gave me a wonderful paragraph that I don't want to limit by using bullets  -  "As for my new York loves they are rather ethnic and often vagabondish.  I love swimming just as the song says, out past the breakers at rockaway beaches and lying on my back in the calm ocean in August heat.    I also like bottle beach where the water laps up against two hundred year old remnants of the first African American settlement in Brooklyn.  The dollar stores on Fulton street mall away down by mid wood area give the sense of being in another universe.  The area just east of there is so lovely with streets that seem  very much like Washington dc."

Brigham gave me the answer of what I still need to do and that was going to the Jersey Loews.  I didn't realize I'd be going there to see the greatest disaster film ever.

Jess, the one on the floor,  wrote:

Brighton Beach/Coney Island... mostly for the weirdness. wear shoes in the sand.
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn promenade that overlooks the tip of Manhattan
Anything in Central Park including riding bikes

Brook's favorites -
  • The Cloisters Museum and then walking around Ft. Tryon and watching the sun set over the GW Bridge and Jersey
  • Seeing an opera at the Met
  • Seeing Punchdrunk's Sleep No More
  • The Temple of Dendur Room in the Met Opera
  • Getting a hot Levain's Cookie and eating it in the movies
  • Going to a Moth Storytelling Series

Mer picked three she didn't think I had done -

(1) Lecture at The Explorers Club
(2) Shop - Michele Varian (I went and did fall hard for this shop)
(3) Shop - De Vera


restaurant; buvette, west village
architecture/people watching: grand central station. i can sit there for hours
city views: tie (top of the rock was actually really cool!) looking
back at the city from the promenade in brooklyn heights. especially at

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