10 July 2012

FSC: Brooklyn Fare Edition

Brooklyn Fare Chef's Table was my second to last participation in the Fancy Supper Club before I leave.  This was the restaurant I've been trying to get in since the beginning of the year.   It's the only Brooklyn restaurant to earn three Michelin stars and seating is very limited.  I started calling back in January and finally got a reservation for two on July 7 at 10 pm.  I had to call and beg to get one more spot but only a seating a four is allowed.  I had less than 2 hours on a Tuesday morning to find a fourth diner willing to pay at least $275 for dinner.  It all came together and I found three people all within a five minute time span.  The lucky winner was Liesel who is a lovely dinner companion.  She knows food very well and I loved sitting next to her and discussing the dishes.

The restaurant does not allow cameras but I was able to take a couple at the very end of the night.

Imagine this kitchen with four chefs working behind it and a girl giving us each of the dishes as they were prepared.

I did think about being tricky and writing down what we ate but then I just wanted to enjoy the food and the tastes that were coming at us in a swift manner.  Here is one menu I found online but it's missing all of the beautiful components that went into each dish (and the menu is different from ours).  The menu does witness the amazing amount of seafood we ate that night.  I did eat blue nose fish for the first time. 

The restaurant was very quiet with no background music which I really enjoyed.  I honestly didn't miss it but it did make others in our party less inclined to speak above a whisper.  There were only a total of 12 diners at the 10 pm seating.  All of our attention was meant to be focused on the experience of eating.  This was a bit disconcerting at times as Chef Cesar Ramirez would watch us as we ate.  I felt like we were performing for him.

People keep asking me about my favorite restaurant in NYC and I'll be more prepared to answer after next month's FSC.  I do think that so far it's Gramercy Tavern because it is so perfect always - food, service, comfort - with the Ssam bar coming a close second.  This may also be because I've eaten at both places more than once and I can see how consistently brilliant each restaurant really is.

It took multiple shots to even get one good one of each of the girls this time (in separate photos).  By the end of the night, we were all a little tired.

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