18 July 2012

Storming the Storm King

Warning:  Lots of Pictures.

Storm King is a wonder of a place with five acres full of gorgeous sculptures.  We hiked all over the 5 acres constantly checking ourselves for ticks but it is full on worth it.  Phor's birthday is on Bastille Day which is when we visited Storm King - do you get the title now?

This was my favorite sculpture.  I first saw it from afar and just looked at it in amazement.  It still amazed regardless of how close I got to it.


This reminded Phor of Vietnam (the tunnels) and me of Little House on the Prairie.  

This house is gorgeous.  We walked but it to get to another sculpture but we came back for a closer look.  One of the guides told us that the tiles were colored with sugar water.  When it's really hot, you can see them melting.

After our hike, we drove to NJ to say goodbye to some friends who are leaving the country for a few months and then raced back to NY to return the car, shower and get to Nomad Hotel for our 10:30 pm dinner reservation.

Phor had to have a chance to blow out her candles on her actually birthday.

We sat in the parlor and were just wow'ed by the incredible food.  We didn't even arrive hungry but I never miss an opportunity to eat Daniel Humm's food.  No pictures because it was far too dark but I can recommend completely the Strawberry Gazpacho with duck, the Snow Peas, the Suckling Pig, the Milk and Honey and Lemon desserts. 

I loved the interior of the hotel.  I especially loved the tiles in the restroom but there were too many people in there for me to take a picture of it.  Just visit when you have a chance.

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