24 July 2012

Pre-Party Prepping

This last Saturday was full of small adventures.  The first involved waking up early to get in line to see The Dark Knight Rises.  Thank goodness for these wonderful people who got there earlier so that I had a perfect seat. 

Can you feel our excitement?  I loved the movie.  I didn't once wonder when it would finally end (um...Lord of the Rings) or question too much the constructs of the story.  I know there are problems with it but I don't care and I probably won't see it again because I don't want to change the fact that I loved it.

On my walk after the film, I saw this woman with this umbrella.  It made me that much happier.

I walked up to Zabar's from the Lincoln Center theater because it's one of those places I hear about all the time but haven't yet visited.

It was exactly like I thought it would be.  And I love the clientele that I caught on film.  The cinnamon rugelach is amazing here.   

I walked over to the NY Historical Society Museum & Library for a quick tour inside.  I saw some fun stuff but I really liked the Lincoln statue outside the entrance.

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