08 July 2012

Meat, Cheese and Heat

On the hottest day of the year yet, Trish and I toured Arthur Ave, the real Little Italy because real Italians still live there, through the Institute of Culinary Education.

This lovely woman, Giovanna Bellia La Marca, who was celebrating her 49th wedding anniversary that day with her husband Harold, who was equally as adorable, walked us through the neighborhood.

We visited the Arthur Avenue Trattoria.

Pete's Meat Market where we saw lots of offal.  

The Teitel Brothers store where I was more excited to find Nutella from Italy.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church which was beautiful.

Egidio Pastry is the best sweet shop in Little Italy.

We ate breadsticks at Addeo & Sons Bakery.

And stepped inside a pork shop just to see the ceiling.

We saw the making of egg noodles at Borgatti's.

One of the highlights was seeing this man, who I assume is the owner, at Mike's Deli make homemade mozzarella. He showed us smoked mozzarella and gave us a sample which is a taste I will dream about.  We tasted all of these cheeses, vinegars and oils that were so fresh and so much better than what is bought at any supermarket.

A real Italian who just arrived in NYC apparently.  They kept making fun of him.

I love these little men.

If you love Trish, never make her eat a cherry like the one above.  The pastries were pretty but I've had better at Venieros in the East Village.

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