01 July 2012

Herring and Churchill

Harold is a very good friend who lives in NYC.  We've known each other since college but it took me a few years living here for us to reconnect.  It's been wonderful catching up with him.  We decided to go out last Friday night to see the Winston Churchill exhibit at the Morgan Library.  We perused the papers but I think we were both happy to return to Morgan's actual library in the building.  It's a beautiful room and there are no cameras allowed but I found this image on the Library of Congress website.  The picture is a shadow of what the room actually looks like but it's a start.

After the Morgan, we walked north to 55th St to eat at Aquavit.  I was excited that Harold chose this restaurant.  I didn't want to take pictures but the food was so beautiful that I couldn't help it.

First thing I noticed in the restaurant is that these are the same chairs that I have in my dining room.  It made me happy.

For an amuse bouche, they sent out a cold corn soup with bits of grapefruit.  It may not sound good but it was delicious.  I was impressed with the spectrum of flavors included in the dishes.

I started with Gravlax  with watermelon, green strawberries, dill and a mustard sauce.  I liked the salmon and loved the fruit but the mustard overwhelmed the other flavors. 

Harold embraced the Scandinavian menu and started with Pickled and Spiced Herring.  His comment was that it was very fishy.  This is exactly why I wouldn't order this dish. 

I then ordered the Long Island Duck Breast with foie gras, turnips, pumpernickel and truffle.  It was very rich but nice.  Harold especially was taken with the turnips that were prepared sous vide.  

Harold ate the Lardo-Baked Halibut with forgotten beets, charred leeks and anchovy nage.  I love that the chef used pork lard but the beets were enough to keep me from tasting the dish.

Harold opted out of dessert but I had a dish that could be one of my favorite desserts in the city.  It was lemon infused meringue with berries and sherbert.  It's perfect.  The meringue perfectly complemented the fresh fruit and the plating was gorgeous.

They also sent out warm cinnamon donuts and an assortment of truffles.  I ate the mint macaroon and a fruit gelee.  We were even sent home with chocolate cake.  I love restaurants that give us treats on our exit.

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