17 July 2012

A Jewel in the West Village

Happy Birthday Phor!

She came up from DC this weekend to celebrate in style.  Our first stop was at Annisa Restaurant.  Originally, our seating was for 5:30 pm but they moved us to 7:30 because of a cancellation.  The service at this restaurant was at all times gracious.

We were debating the tasting menu up until the server convinced us it was the best way to get the full complement of what the chef can do.  There is no set menu for the tasting menu.  The chef chose for us after a series of questions - do you like foie gras, offal, fish, raw food, etc.  We told her that we were up for everything but not offal.  I'll eat it but I won't choose to eat it.

This entire weekend was an exercise in eating incredible food and being really full.  More on that later.

Amuse bouche - duck rillettes

First course - Fluke crudo with black lime and radishes.

Second course - Seared foie gras with soup dumplings and jicama.  Amazing.  It was my first time eating soup dumplings and the server gave us instructions on how to not squirt soup all over ourselves and the table.  Phor actually ordered a second one between the fourth and fifth course.

Third course - Broiled Spanish mackerel with garlic fried milk, satsumaimo and korean chili.  Yes, garlic fried milk and I would like to eat this with most meals from now on.  I don't like mackerel all that much and I thought I would only eat a few bites of this one but I couldn't stop eating it.  

Fourth course - Grilled Wagyu with escargots, garlic chives and alba mushrooms.  Nice and rare like it should be.

Up to this point, Phor and I were served the same dish but for dessert we had two to eat from.

Fifth course - Pecan and salted butterscotch beignets with bourbon milk ice and a Tangerine panna cotta.

I think I read in a review a description of Annisa being like a jewel - the space is simple but the food really shines here.

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