11 July 2012

Almost Famous Pittsburgh

This trip to Pittsburgh was all about eating the famous hometown food and visiting the hometown son's museum.

I had no idea what to expect at Primanti Brothers.  I just knew it involved sandwiches, big ones.  There are a couple of locations so I found the nearest one.

The sandwich is enormous.   Mine was full of turkey, cheese, cole slaw, tomatoes, and french fries.  Every sandwich comes with the latter three ingredients so you essentially choose your favorite meat to go with it.  Ketchup, malt vinegar and hot sauce were on each table for you to choose how you wanted to dress it up.  It was good but I'll need to go to Fat Head's next.  I've heard from excellent sources that it is the place to eat at in Pittsburgh.

Next stop -

I am not an enormous fan but I stated to understand his philosophy as I saw more of his work.  

This painting is by Donald Moffett.  This picture does not do it justice because it's gorgeous.  It's a video of a moving tree projected onto the canvass.  He did this with quite a few different scenes and it was very effective.

Back to Andy Warhol.  I was a sucker for the big silver balloons in this room.  You are invited to enter and play with them.  It's always fun to be part of an art work.

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