22 July 2012

Save the Last Dance

Last night was the last dance party ever at this home in NYC.  Alpha wanted to have one more before I moved so she orchestrated the event and the overall theme was dirty dancing.

This man took a lot of thought as to what dirty dancing sounds like and gave us an appropriate soundtrack.

This girl sent out the invites and brought the otter pops and gum.

I did my part by providing this.

And let the dancing begin.

Or maybe talking.

But Pearl and Brig started the dancing off.

Many congrats to this couple on their engagement.  Alpha knew where she wasn't wanted.

I don't have a scanner but I wanted to post these today.  I do what I can with what I have.  Jeff is looking very politician-like.  He should since he's running for a congressional seat in Brooklyn.

The three amigos or roommates - Jeff, Tommy and Cole

The dancers moved too fast for me to take any pics of any actual dirty dancing but it was there.

The night ended as it began - Alpha, Brig and myself dancing to the music.

I thought of those who couldn't make it last night maybe because they had other plans or maybe because they live outside of NYC.  Casey, Chateau, Jendar, Francesco, Evelyn, Amber, Jared, Colin, Jess, Dave, and many others - you were all missed.


  1. I love that you throw dance parties at your house! How great! It sounds like a significant slice of NYC will miss you. Including me!

    1. Thanks Julie. I thought it was probably you. I love that you read this and I will miss you too!

  2. i love the theme! looks like fun!

    and hold the phone, jeff is running for office!?

    1. I don't know enough about it like if it's for a ny state seat or a us congressional seat. You should def ask him about it. And then order a pair of socks for Christian from Jeff. I got my own pairs last night and they are the best - http://chuckbutlersupplies.com/index.html

  3. I'll miss you but I love the picture of us two! It's befitting!