26 July 2012

We Cannot Escape Time

I first read about The Clock in a New Yorker article in May and I knew this was something I really wanted to see.  The artist Christian Marclay created a 24 hour video of clips from film and tv throughout history, each featuring an exact time on a clock, on a watch, or in the dialogue.  The video is watched in sync with the time of the day. 

It's currently playing in the Lincoln Center Festival but only until August 1.  Entrance is free and it is a first come, first served basis. 

I stood in line for close to 90 minutes to catch 30 minutes of the film.  If I had time, I would have stayed for hours.  There was a joy in seeing and recognizing clips from Rushmore, Macgyver, ER, The Godfather, but it was incredible to realize how many films I had never seen before.  I was hyper aware of the time in the film because I had to leave at a specific time.  I would have liked to have not been in a rush and just watched it out of enjoyment.  I have heard of people watching it for 24 hours and you can do it at this viewing but be there early in the day to get in.

I found this clip of about 3 minutes of the video.

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