29 July 2012

I Want To Eat This Everyday

The US team is playing Montengro at water polo in the background.  I really cannot get enough of the Olympics right now.

Brig and I have been wanting to eat Thai food at Pok Pok since it opened.  It's unfortuante that we went the same week that it was reviewed favorably in the NY Times and New York Mag.  We got there very early  so that we wouldn't have to wait in the sometimes very long line.  We were sat right down and got right into the reason for us being there - food.

The restaurant is in the back of where we initially lined up.  We walked into this big tent which was barely cooled by fans.  Welcome to Thailand.  I just missed the toilet paper on the tables to use to wipe our fingers.

I checked out the menu before we  arrived and knew I wanted som tum or what is called pok pok by the restaurant.  It's delicious and exactly how I like it.  I ordered it without the dried shrimp as I never liked this even when in Thailand.  We each had our own sticky rice.

This dish won for best of the night though.  I never ate anything like it in Thailand but I wish I had.  It's called Kaeng Hung Leh and it's made with pork belly and pork shoulder with ginger, palm sugar, turmeric, tamarind,  curry powder and pickled garlic.  We were both using our sticky rice in the end to eat the sauce.

I ordered the tamarind vinegar and Brig had the apple.  I wish I would have had these in Thailand.  They are the perfect sweetness to cut some of the spice.

The meal was rounded out with naam tok and laab.  Neither of us liked the laab all that much but the naam tok had great cuts of steak in it.

I left the restaurant so content and happy.  Thai food really is my favorite as long as it is made like the actual food in Thailand. 

The line outside of the restaurant as we were leaving.

We were in the mood for ice cream so I put in the search for ice cream in google maps.  We walked to the nearest place and found these trucks.  This is where ice cream comes from.

We walked on a little further and stopped at Brooklyn Farmacy.  It's not my favorite place but I decided to give it another try.

The soda jerk convinced me to try the Mr Potato Head sundae with peanut butter, caramel and potato chips.  This place still isn't one of my favorites but I do love the actual venue.

Update:  US won 8 - 7.  It was a nail biter.

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