01 August 2012

A Displaced Museum in Philadelphia

It's not really a sad museum but it makes me sad.  Dr. Albert C. Barnes made a lot of money and with that money bought a lot of art, especially art made by Renoir.  He opened his home to the public and his wife created a garden to reflect the gorgeous collection of art.  He created the Barnes Foundation with the stipulation that his art be kept in his home.  Apparently, there is a documentary about why this art collection was moved from his home to a new building in downtown Philadelphia but it still bothers me that his contract was not followed.

But on to the visit.  There are no photos of inside the museum but we went on a gorgeous day.

The museum is incredible in regard to the amount and quality of the paintings in the collection.  I'm not a big lover of Renoir but there was one Picasso and a Manet that I'm still thinking about.  And the building is gorgeous.

The museum is right next to the Rodin Museum.

I went with Brent and he had never had a Philly Cheese Steak so the next stop was Pat's.

Not an enormous fan.  This is a good place for me to give you a list of 5 sandwich places in NYC that surpass this sandwich.

1. Mile End Sandwiches
2. No. 7 Sandwiches
3. Num Pang Sandwich Shop
4. Porchetta
5. This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef

You will not go wrong eating at any of these places.

The adventure continued outside the city when we took a detour to Valley Forge.  It was a hot day but we still got out of the car to look at the house that George Washington rented while he was there.

I loved the clothes placed carefully throughout the rooms.  I especially loved the boots.

President Washington was 6'3'' and weighed about 215 lbs.  I love the information that is shared by the park guides.  I am impressed by their depth of knowledge and their obvious love for history.

Historic steps are very different from normal steps.

President Washington in hipstamatic.

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