04 August 2012

Sigur Ros

No fancy title.   Just absolute happiness that I was finally able to see this band live.  Trish and I saw them in Prospect Park on Tuesday night.  It was a perfect summer night and all it needed was fireflies. 

We were kind of far away but this isn't music that you want to feel the excitement of the crowd to enjoy.  It's so beautiful.

They played so many of the songs that I love and a couple of new ones.  I think they were last in NYC in 2008 right when I arrived.  My friend Dan saw them and I was so jealous.  Finally my wish to see them in NYC came true.

And if you don't know Sigur Ros, this is the first song I heard that helped me to fall in love with their music.

And here is another one called Olsen Olsen that I love.

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