28 August 2012

All My Friends Part 1

This is the photographic history of the last four years of my life.  I'm dividing it into a few posts just because there were too many.  

I recommend listening to LCD Soundsystem's All My Friends for this post.

Kim and Jared at La Casa.  My first time.

Colin has a special relationship with squirrels.

Yes, Amber has Steve on her back for most of the subway ride.  It's her amazing leg strength.

M. Ward concert Central Park

Dan at the Botanical Gardens.  I doubt he'll see this so I'm posting it.

Brigham's pose at the Parthenon in Nashville.

I was with one of them and ran into the either.

Colin in Nashville.  This is how he dresses to prepare for the frontier.

Nick making cinnamon rolls from scratch at my house.

The Tom Cruise Party.

First time meeting Amber and I was enthralled with her.

First Pie Party - Hi, Mike.


They just liked hanging out in my bedroom.

I finally got a picture of Ben with his eyes open.

Carly and Amber share magic.  It's electric on the dance floor.

At the Pure Dance party.

Jared's moves.

Suvi is purely dancing.

Ms. Hillary was the best to make pies with.

Ty and Trish in the 1920s.

All the femme fatales in the 1920s.

Jendar knows how to work a cigarette holder.

Carly and Ty.

Amber and Kirk celebrating entering 2010.

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