07 August 2012

Happy Birthday Ty!

Ty brings happiness with him wherever he is.  He is always willing to go on an adventure and his presence makes everything that much more fun.  I am forever grateful that Hillary invited him to a fondue night over three years ago.  He has been a dear friend ever since and an integral part of my NYC life.

I have loads of funny pictures of this boy but I like this not so funny the one best.

Favorite NYC Restaurant -

"I love Le Monde, it works for almost everything, casual to dressy, has a great atmosphere and I love their dinner and brunch.  It's not fancy, but I can never get enough of this place."

Favorite NYC site -

"I love the High Line, although it's a bit too crowded lately, so the Bethesda fountain may rank higher, and I love Fort Tryon Park at the Cloisters, sitting in the grass over looking the Hudson." 

I love that Ty cannot choose just one place but I admit that these are not easy questions.

Favorite NYC store -

All Saints in Soho

And favorite city in the world -

"That's easy: NYC hands down."

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