26 August 2012

Gwynnett St. Brooklyn

After our road trip, we drove into Brooklyn to eat at Gwynnett St.

Phor ordered some concoction made with cilantro which she loved.  Mine did not.

The whiskey bread.  This was to me as the pain au chocolat was to Phor.  I could not get enough of this.  This bread is a wonderful excuse to use whiskey.

The appetizers were nothing special but the main dishes made up for them.

The duck had peaches, chanterelles, farro and pecans.  I loved this duck preparation and it tasted like summer.

The lamb had eggplant and red peppers.  It used a couple of cuts of lamb including lamb belly which is my favorite cut.  Why has it taken so long for me to discover lamb belly.

My dessert was meh but Phor had the strawberries and milk which made her smile a lot.  I love the baby strawberries.

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