15 August 2012

Dreaming of Chocolate

Thank you Living Social.  I found a deal for a chocolate tour through Chelsea, the West Village, Greenwich and Soho and thought yes, of course.  Trish and Suvi are also wise and joined me on an almost three hour tour of eating chocolate.

We started at Jacques Torres in Chelsea Market to drink the spicy hot chocolate.  Trish and I also split a chocolate chip cookie because they are some of the best in the city.

Li Lac chocolates where we sucked on dark chocolate chunks.  The chocolate molds there are more impressive than the chocolate.

I loved the Chocolate Bar if only for their bar wrappers.  And they also have lots of chocolate with salt.  Winner.

The next stop was funny because it was at Magnolia Cupcake where we ate chocolate chocolate cupcakes.  I realized here how much I like watching other people eat cupcakes.  There is no delicate way of doing this.

Milk & Cookies definitely does not even compare to the amazingness at Levain Bakery or the Milk Bar.

But we ate a cookie here.  You get the idea of how much eating was going on here.

And we ate cannolis here.  They were the best I've had and it was because of the cinnamon in the ricotta.  

Our second to last stop was in Soho at the Xocolatti store where we had this delicious flavor of chocolate with mango and paprika.

Our last stop was at Vosges.  A shop that has exploded over the USA and should be tried if only for the Barcelona Bar.  It was a good entrance chocolate for me into some of the more complex chocolates.  And there caramels are very good.

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