17 August 2012


My hairdresser told me about Nitehawk and I immediately added it to my NYC bucket list.  She described it as a place to eat food while you're watching a film.  You can order food and drinks throughout the film.  I actually really dislike those people who bring their dinners into a movie theater.  I don't want to smell your burrito when I came to watch a film.  But I hoped I would be more tolerant if I was eating my dinner at the same time.

I told my friend Chaunte that I really wanted to go and she said the theater reminded her of a peepshow.  This description made me want to go that much more.

I went this last week and loved it.  I was in the smallest theater to see To Rome With Love.  It was very small and it did feel a bit like I think a peepshow would feel.  Not all of the theaters are this small.

And the food was good.  There is something very indulgent about being served food during a film.  

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