08 August 2012

Best Big Sunday Dinner in NYC

I'm borrowing the title from here but there is a very good reason.  After seeing Brig's post, I knew that I wanted to do that in my kitchen.  I asked Brig if he was up for it and he was.  We chose a date and he made the invite list.  We had the same menu that he had in Chicago which meant that Brig was that much better at directing what needed to be done.

I started the preparations a few hours early to make the tomato sauce which included peeling 13 cloves of garlic.

Brigham arrived at 6 and put the apron on.  We started following his commands.

Lots of pictures of peoples backs but everyone was hard at work.

The sausage for the cavatelli dish.  I bought it at the Italian Store in Chelsea Market and it provided the right amount of heat to that dish.

Jeff and Alpha mixing the meatballs.  Jeff was the only one willing to take on the raw meat.

There was something really beautiful about Chaunte's dress and posture while peeling the carrots.

Brigham started to make the dough for the cavatelli.

Not everyone was needed in the kitchen at all times during the prep time.

Brigham started to crank out the cavatelli but Chaunte soon took over.

Alpha mixing the salad with the dressing.

This is the best dish.  I can't remember the proper name but it's Sausage and Cavatelli with sage-butter sauce.  

The meatballs and the sauce.  Frankie's puts raisins in their meatballs and this recipe proved how delicious that is.  I don't believe raisins belong in any baked goods but I'll take them in my meatballs any day.

Most of the meal is on my plate.  Unfortunately, it took a while for the carrots and cauliflower to roast but they did right in time for the vegan to eat them.

Vivianna brought dessert which was cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery in the LES.  These are the best cupcakes in the city.  None of us were hungry after that meal but none of us could resist the cupcakes.

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