13 August 2012

Olympics 2012

I love the Olympics.  I think I loved it more this year than all the other years.  I watched a lot of it and I obsessively refreshed the medal count hourly.  I admit a strange pride that we won the most medals.  But I'm proud and amazed by all the athletes who were the best in their respective countries and performed to the best of their abilities.

Of course I loved watching Michael Phelps and all the swimmers who exceeded expectations.  But there are two events that made me so happy that I couldn't but help dance around with a lot of joy.

I didn't realize that I would care about the 10,000 meters run until I was watching it last Saturday.  I didn't want to stop watching it as I was transfixed by the speed and their grace.  I also didn't realize how aggressive the runners can be if you try to pass them.  I cried when Farah and then Rupp crossed the finish line almost together.  I love that they trained together and that they supported each other during this incredible moment.

And I was ecstatic when the US Women beat Japan at soccer.  They played a close game and my friends and I were very tense every time Hope Solo had to stop a ball.  But they did it and they beat a team who beat them last year at the World Cup.

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  1. i was totally cheering for farah and rupp! that was one of the sweetest moments with how happy they both were for one another!