26 August 2012

Goodbye Part 2

Alpha threw me a going away picnic in Central Park on one of the best summer nights in August thus far.

We ate good food but it was more about being with good friends.  I am profoundly grateful to have all of these people in my life and also that DC is not that far away.

Sara is a yoga instructor and she couldn't help but notice the yoga class going on right by us.  I should have taken pictures.  This wasn't her looking at the yoga class but it was a funny aside to the night.  I kind of wanted it to be couples yoga because that is just funny to watch.

Alpha did so much to prepare for the night.  She truly made me feel loved.

Brigham and Tom were coming late from a meeting.  I love all of the green in the picture.

I hadn't seen Steve and Katie in a very long time.  I was so happy they were both in town.

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