29 August 2012

All My Friends Part 2

I recommend listening to Justice's We Are Your Friends.

Beach Memorial Day 2010 with Jacob, Casey and Allysa

Brazilian Food in Newark

Thai Food in Queens

Di and her twin.  If only I had a picture of the rubber ball.

Roof Potlucks - Katie and Ty

Chris and JB

Slumber Party Feb 2010

Can you spot the pop cultural reference?

Shared Birthday Party with Steven

Old Grumpy Parisian Face interpreted by Chris

Chris asleep at the Louvre. Big week for little Chris.

Robs loves her donuts.

Sadie Hawkins!!

So happy Sunju visited.

Goth Sadies.

1940s Party.  Complete glamour.

Thanksgiving Parade 2010

Brig eating shrimp heads. 

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