07 August 2012

Birthday Fondue with Some Olympics On the Side

I wanted to throw Ty a birthday party and Ty came up with the great idea of making his party about fondue.  Mom gave me this great cookbook years ago of fondue recipes and Ty chose his favorites - an Italian Fontina with truffle-infused oil and a Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter dessert fondue.  I have come to the conclusion that fondue is everyone's favorite party food.  I have more success of people eating all the food when I make food then with any other foods.

Ty and Brooke brought over the sunflowers and I love how their colors were exaggerated in the photos.

I started the photos with what happened throughout the entire night - lots of talking and eating.   But the Olympics were on and it was inevitable that we gathered around the TV at times during the night. 

Ty was watching the tv during a real event but I wasn't fast enough.  I made him reenact the moment but it was only Bob Costas on tv.

This was the room when Michael Phelps was swimming his last Olympic race.

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