02 July 2012

Tom Cruise Once Lived In My Apartment

He lived in my actual apartment in the 1980s.  The Superintendent who lives next door to me told me this fact the day I moved in.  He also told me that my current clothes closet used to be Tom's sauna.

The very first summer I was here I threw a Tom Cruise party.  Brigham (please click to see even more awesome pictures from the party) dj'ed and chose tunes from all the great films as well as dance classics.  This was one of the top two parties in my apartment and it needs to be documented.  It's bittersweet looking through the photos since so many of these folks are no longer living in nyc.  I'll be joining them very soon.

And maybe I thought about this particular post with the news of Katie and Tom splitting.  Or maybe we need to throw a Tom Cruise divorced theme party.

The front room pre-party.  I bought a few Tom Cruise posters and I really didn't have that much furniture at this point.

Di is looking in the mirror fitting her vampire teeth (Lestat from Interview with a Vampire), Amber is the female Valkyrie, and I'm whatever female who is in The Last Samurai.  

Oh Collin.  He was the modest Tom in Risky Business.

And of course Jeff is Tom Hanks from Joe Versus the Volcano.  Don't ask.

Helen was amazing as the unicorn from Legend.

Cute Hillary was Tom and Katie's daughter Suri.

Grace was Keri Russell's character from Mission: Impossible 3.

Adam and Lexia were amazing as Maverick and Charlie from Top Gun.

Reghan as Jordan Mooney from Cocktail.

Chris is one of the Greasers from The Outsiders. 

Collin is impersonating Tom in that one Misson:  Impossible scene.

A few more Risky Business boys and Ashley as Magnolia.  Another genius costume.

It got pretty packed and sweaty on the dance floor.

This just spontaneously happened when Old Time Rock & Roll started playing.

Mindy as Katie Holmes.

Jared drew all of the uniform on a white shirt and it came out so well.

This is one of my favorite dance party photos ever.  Di is joy.

Nick was another Greaser.

Jared has amazing dance moves.

And this is when he was serenading me with You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling.

And two more of my favorite action shots.  The two Ambers dancing it out.

And Suvi (above) and Chateau (below).  This is an amazing group of friends that I would gladly dance with anywhere and anytime.

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  1. i have to admit that with news of their split (which i totally called 5 years ago) i did think about you and your apartment's connection to mr. cruise!