05 July 2012

No Fireworks in Brooklyn

My 4th was a semi-vacation.  But I made the most of it at the end of the day by traveling to Brooklyn.  It's as close to my dream suburban 4th as I could get.  I waited for a friend coming all the down from Inwood on a bench outside of Gueros and watched a neighborhood BBQ on the street.  These girls were in heaven playing in the water

This was the best part of Gueros.  The guacamole is the perfect combination of smooth avocado and spiciness.  I could eat it with the chips all day.  Erin went up to ask about our tacos and they brought us another order of guac just for the fun of it.  It's my superpower.  Unfortunately, I can't control it when I want but I get free food all the time.   We couldn't eat the second helping so I gave it to the table next to us.

The tacos were fair but not mind blowing.  I would return for the guacamole.

And while the rest of NY was watching fireworks, we were at Ample Hills with 30 other people eating ice cream.  Erin ordered the Salted Crack Caramel and my portion of Baked/Unbaked is bigger because the guy behind the counter gave me a little extra.  My superpower was working overtime yesterday.

For a little treat, I walked by the Lipstick Building before traveling to Brooklyn.  It's awe inspiring.

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