30 April 2012

A Visit to 1972 via 1929

When you have an opportunity to go here

with this person.
The Birthday Boy
He will take you inside the building

and you will Ooh and Aah

at the theater built in 1929

when movie houses were movie houses

and you could make grand entrances from fancy staircases

and have the perfect setting for any occasion 

and hear an organist play you into the movie.

And if you were really, really lucky, you could see this film celebrating it's 40th Anniversary.

Brigham and I laughed so hard at the intentional and unintentional funny bits in this film.  It's an unabashed cheese fest.  Any film where all three women have to wear hot pants or no pants while climbing through a boat is a guaranteed winner.


  1. For a while I thought this post was a poem. Maybe it was?
    Thanks for making me look cool.

  2. "Hot pants or no pants" is my personal credo.