15 April 2012

My Favorite Stores in Boston

I've spent a few days here and there in Boston over the past few years and I always tend to go to the same places every time I visit.  It's anticipation that drives me to these places.  I never know what I'll find when I arrive there.

My song recommendation for the post.  Bishop Allen is named after a street in Boston.

I always travel to Cambridge for two specific stores - Black Ink and the Harvard Book Store.

Black Ink is described as unexpected necessities.   The store changes inventory every few months and it is so much fun to explore.  There are some things that they always have that I purchase but other items like their card selection changes often.  I usually stock up on cards for every occasion here.

The Harvard Book Store is an independent book store with one of the best selection of used books that I've seen outside of Powell's in Portland.  I stock up whenever I visit but usually limit myself to just 5 books or the luggage gets too heavy.

Lekker is where I find most things that I need for my home.  I usually travel far out of my way just for this one store but it's worth it. 

I recently discovered Flour Bakery because I saw the cook book everywhere I went in Boston.  It's known for its sticky buns which I tried and they were ok.  I recommend the sandwiches and the cookies but that is my preferred sweet.

I like any place that makes its own peeps.

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