28 April 2012

Pizza and a Horror Film

This girl is one of my favorite people for obvious reasons.

We met up on Wednesday night to eat at Ribalta, a new pizza restaurant that opened up near Union Square.

It wasn't until I took my first bite of the salad that I realized this place is blog worthy.  We ordered the Finocchietta Salad with lovely ingredients like fresh fennel and sliced orange.

But it was the pizza that took our breath away.  We ordered the Pizza In Pala Margherita style.  The menu explains that "Pala is a baking method in which the dough is baked twice creating a uniquely crisp outside, soft inside.  For two people."  Thank goodness there were two of us or they may have used shame.

There are so many pizza places in this city but this is a special place.

And then we saw a film.  I only convinced Trish to see it because someone special is in it.

It is funny.   Trust me.

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