04 April 2012

More Chocolate & Waffels

Friday night Sunny gathered the kids and we traveled into Brussels to meet up with Seth.  They took me around to some of the highlights in the city.

This chocolate store was on the way to Manneken Pis. The actual statue is so small but it's one of the must sees in Brussels.

We walked through these gorgeous covered markets to find Mary, one of the best chocolate shops in the city. 

All of the Easter candies were out which made the shops that much more colorful.  I was amazed in all of the shops I visited the combinations of flavors and how well it was done.

I had my first taste of Belgium frites with the Blaylocks.  I prefer the waffles and the chocolate.

We walked over to the Grand' Place, a beautiful square in the city's center.  Every direction is met with a gorgeous building.

Seth was great at pointing out the street art - Space Invader.

Waffle Time.  This time I had it with nutella.  

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