01 April 2012

How I Celebrated Macaron Day in London

The day of the sewage disaster in my hotel room, I walked over to Convent Garden wondering if it has changed at all in the past few years.  It hasn't.  It's not my favorite place in London but the walk soon became worth it when I spotted this.

This all happened on Macaron Day in London and New York City so I thought it was fate.

I bought a box of 8 to take to dinner that night as dessert.  My favorite is always the salted caramel but the special cherry blossom one came a close second.  The boxes are so beautiful.  Apparently, the boxes at the NYC Ladurée have Hello Kitty on them this month.

I had earlier in the week stumbled across a Pierre Herme shop in Selfridge's.  I bought a few but they did not taste like the ones in Paris.  I think it was because they were not fresh.  In London at least, Ladurée wins (for those who care).

May then emailed me the name of another museum that she liked - The Courtauld Gallery - so I walked to Somerset House which is another gorgeous building in London with a very rich history.  I started thumbing through a book on the history in the gift shop and again realized how young America is as a country.

As I walked closer, I saw the flowers and then I realized that they were not real.  It's an installation by Fernando Casasempere called Out of Sync.  It is meant to recreate the joy we feel at the site of blossoming daffodils at the end of winter and the beginning of spring by the use of these 10,000 ceramic daffodils.

And tomorrow I start reporting on Belgium.


  1. confession - i have never had a macaron! i think i need to go find some.

  2. I think you'll like them. The best place in Seattle is here http://www.yelp.com/biz/le-panier-very-french-bakery-seattle#query:macaron

    Let me know if you go how it is.