02 April 2012

Brugge and The Hunger Games

I arrived in Belgium Wednesday night after an incredible trip on the Eurostar.  I say incredible because it was easy and fast.  I love how I can travel through three countries in 2 hours.

Seth met me at the station  and led me to his house. It was so wonderful to see the Blaylocks.  I love this family so much and you will see proof in future posts.

Unfortunately, Stella was not feeling well at all my first night/day there so the Blaylocks went to the hospital and I went to Brugge.  It's one of those cities that everyone told me is gorgeous and it is.  I also asked one of the shopkeepers what to do in her city and she couldn't think of anything.  It was the perfect place to spend just a couple of hours before meeting up with Sunny that night to see The Hunger Games.

I ended up walking everywhere just to see what I can find.

I found Dijver canal and followed that for a while.

I also saw what I later found out was one of many chocolate shops.  I know Belgium is known for their chocolate but I had no idea that every other store sold chocolate.

I was charmed by one of the first shops I saw but then I realized that this was not unique.

 I found Markt, which is the main square in the city, and I followed a side street to one of the best chocolate shops in the city.

It's called BbyB and I loved it.  There were so many different flavors and I wish I had written them down.  Each chocolate was an absolute treat of unusual flavor combinations.  

They also sold these candies which is funny.  It is.  These were not as good as the chocolate truffles.

I ate my first Belgian waffle of the trip in Brugge. I could have eaten it plain and been satisfied but I decided on cherries and whip cream.  It was a sweet overload but a good introduction to something I didn't ever realize was so delicious.

I found the Golden Church or at least this is how someone described it to me.

I was ready to head back to the train station but I'm so happy I took the long way because I found a few parks which were beautiful.  The weather was also gorgeous but that was true for all of my time in Belgium.  

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of us going to the film that night.  I was so excited when I found out Seth had bought the three of us tickets and that we were seeing it the day before it even opened in the US.  Seth stayed home with Stella and one of Sunny's friends came along.   We arrived early thinking it would be crowded but we were one of the first groups in the theater.  And the theater never got full.  I watched it with both French and Flemish translations but it was worth it.

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