12 April 2012

And My Name is Jarvis Cocker

Joyful noises.

I finally saw Pulp in concert.  This was one of those concerts that was on my life bucket list.  Done.  I also have seeing David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust on that list but this one was actually achievable.  Just to give you an idea as to why this was so cool - Pulp's last show in NYC or anywhere in the states was 14 years ago.  I never thought this would happen.  Never lose hope.

I fell for Pulp back in 1995 when I was studying abroad in the UK.  I love Brit 90s music and I have to thank my friends at this time for being cool and sharing it with me on tapes.  I remember watching The Brit Awards and seeing Jarvis Cocker doing this when Michael Jackson was playing.

I was in love.  And then hear the music coming from this band.

And watch the moves coming from Jarvis Cocker.

Some indisputable facts about Pulp -

1.  Jarvis Cocker is a very sexy man.
2.  The music makes you want to dance.
3.  Jarvis Cocker can dance very very well.

The show was at Radio City Music Hall and it sold out in mere minutes.  I was in a state of disbelief that I even found tickets. It was sad because there were a lot of empty seats around us most likely bought by scalpers who overestimated the market.  I wish all of the Hardcore fans could have just come in to see the show.  It was worth plane rides from all over the country.

Chateau and I were high up which gave us a great view of the entirety of the stage.

The crowd went crazy when the lights went out and the letters appeared.

The many colors of the stage.

Jarvis dancing along the balcony.

Please go here for closer pics from the show the night before and also here for Wednesday night's set list.  I don't want to ruin too much but let's just say that I ran into someone who was there for the Tuesday night show and will probably have an even more amazing post since he was that much closer to the stage for the Wednesday night show (hint - see below).

Chateau and I left on an absolute concert high and went here

to meet up with these folks.

Like I said, it was a show worth flying to from all over the country.

I think this is when Brig explained that Wednesday night's show was better than Tuesday nights.  Of course.  The hardcore fans were there.

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  1. too funny! i just posted about a concert i saw on tuesday night and gave you a shout out!! so funny. glad you had fun. that steak and shake place looks so good!