08 April 2012

Pok Pok NYC

I was told by many Portland locals to stay away from Pok Pok, a Thai restaurant, when I visited there last August.  They all said it was overrated.  I wish I hadn't listened.

I dragged my very tired (i.e. just flew in from London) friend on a walk to the Lower East Side to finally try Pok Pok Wing. The menu is very limited which made deciding that much easier.  And it was almost empty which is great when you don't want to deal with crowds on a quiet night.

I didn't realize the camera changed film so sorry that you really can't identify the food in the following pics.  Ben ordered the 1/2 order of Ike's Wings.  He thought the Som Tom sounded too healthy (he's British).  The wings had a great flavorful spiciness.  

I was so pleased with my Khao Man Som Tom.  The sweet shredded pork was the perfect compliment to the som tom.  It wasn't the best som tom I've ever had but it was good.  I would have preferred it a bit more spicy and I'll ask for that the next time I go.

I also ordered one of the drinking vinegars - Pomegranate - and this blew me a away.  I don't drink soda.  Every once in a while I'll drink a fruit juice but it's not often.  This was so good that I wanted a second one.  It really is that delicious.

Ben ordered the Stumptown Cold Brew which shocked him because it is exactly what it says it is - cold coffee.  No sugar, no cream.  It was a nice alternative to those who don't like sugary milky iced coffees.

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