06 April 2012

RedFarm Early Bird Style

Ty, being a wonderful friend, took me to dinner for my birthday gift.  I gave him two options RedFarm and Jack's Wife Freda and he chose RedFarm because nothing is lovelier than the West Village in the Spring or maybe because it was close to his photo shoot.  I was coming back from Boston on the train when we were trying to figure out what time to eat.  I offered 6:30 thinking that it's a good dinner time but then I found out Ty was done with work at 4:30 and he had been at work a very long time.  I dropped off my bag at home and walked quickly to meet him for a 5:15 dinner.  It was perfect.  No wait time and the server had a lot of time to walk us through the menu.

We looked over the menu for a while trying to pick the perfect meal.  We knew immediately to order one of the specials - Scallops with Ramps.  Ramps are in season and it is the food of the moment.

RedFarm has been described online as a Jewish Chinese restaurant.  The give away is the Katz's Pastrami Egg Roll served with a spicy sweet mustard.  I grabbed my roll too soon and started to eat it before realizing that I wanted a picture.  It's a delicious pastrami sandwich.

I love the presentation of the dumplings.  I think all of the dumpling dishes are served in a special way.  These are the Crispy Duck and Crab Dumplings and they look like they are eating out of a bowl of Thai Eggplant Yellow Curry.  These were so good as evidenced by Ty's pirate face.  That face only appears when food is this good.

We knew we wanted a vegetable so the server recommended the Grilled Vegetable Salad.  It was a gorgeous mix of salad, tomatoes, peppers, apples, mushrooms, and cucumbers on a layer of avocado and tofu dip.  My description is not worthy of the taste but it was well received by us.

The already mentioned Scallops and Ramps.  Those Ramps are kind of a big deal.

I think this was our favorite dish - Grilled Marinated Rib Steak with Asparagus.  This tasted like beef candy.  People don't think that sounds good but when you taste this you understand.  The marinade has papaya in and I could drink it.  This was one of my all time favorite steak dishes.

A content and full Ty.

I saw these flowers on the way home on 11th Street.  Beautiful.

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