30 September 2012

Best Donuts and Brunch in DC - Same Place

Nick and Whitney (two of my favorite friends) were in DC this weekend and we made plans to meet up for brunch on Saturday.  Nick suggested Tabard Inn and I was able to find the last remaining reservation for 2 pm.  Apparently, I told Nick about this place over a year ago, he ate here, and has been wanting the donuts since.  I look for any opportunity to eat at Tabard Inn.

The kitchen closes at 2:30 pm and we all cut it very close to arriving before then.  I arrived first at 2:20 and ordered for the table.  

These donuts are incredible.  Especially with the fresh cream.  

Nick was much happier than he appears.

I'm sad that I forgot to take any pictures of Whitney but I promise she was there.

Pictures of brunch food -

Eggs benedict with ham

Pumpkin Pancakes

Pork Cubano sandwich with the best fried plantain chips I've ever eaten.

A savory tart with goat cheese, onions and other really good vegetables.  I think this was our favorite after the donuts.


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    1. I will take you there as soon as you get off the plane. Promise!