01 October 2012

First Dinner Party

I get these urges every month or so when I want to cook for people.  I found some recipes on Smitten Kitchen that are very autumn-like and it was a wonderful excuse to buy lots of cheese.

I definitely don't have the skills of Mer but I'm happy with a platter of cheese and crackers. 

Yes, that is Dave.  A familiar face from the NYC days.  With Christina and Jill.

I feel bad about catching some of them unaware but I love Jenica's gesticulations.

I made a big pan of orzo with eggplant, carrots, mozzarella, onions and parmesan.  I would make this again but switch out the carrots for sweet potatoes.

I forgot to take a picture of the best part of the meal - the dessert.  I made an apple, pear, ginger crisp.  It was supposed to be a pear, cranberry, and ginger crisp but the pears were not ripe enough.  I supplemented the one that was ripe with granny smith apples and honey crisp apples.  I love any and all crisps.

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