28 October 2012

Honey Boo Boo Halloween

I was Melanie Daniels from The Birds.  In this costume, Melanie is being attacked.  I should not have been smiling but I couldn't help it.  I tried a more scared look for other people's photos but apparently I looked like I was smiling in those as well.  I did love my costume.

Jenica was an amazing Mrs. Roper from Three's Company or Ms. Hannigan from Annie.  The wig is just the awesome part of it all.

I love the NY representation with Dave as a disgruntled Mariner's fan.  Apparently, this comes easy for him.

Jill is the adorable Alice.

And then it's people whose names I don't know but I can tell you who they are dressed up as.  Wonder Woman.

William Wallace.  

This is Jared who I thought was just a cute pink bunny.  But then I found out that he's Ralphie from A Christmas Story and his costume became that much better.

A little Kenny G to play for the party.

This is Marcilyn dressed as Princess Leia, obviously.  Jenica and I were so impressed that this is her real hair.

Bane and Miranda.  

This was my favorite costume of the night.  I don't even know her name but she even spoke Honey Boo Boo.  

Shera turning Wolverine's claws on himself.

And a non-traumatic snack of baby doll part cupcakes.  I was impressed by the mind that came up with this little treat.

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