13 October 2012

The White House Fall Garden

This morning I was at the Nantucket airport and I received the most wonderful email from Karen inviting me to go with her to the White House Fall Garden Tour.  The White House opens up the garden periodically for these tours but I've never been on one before.  I had a goal to get back to DC in time for our 3 pm tour.

It was one of those hurried days but completely worth it.  I'm skipping over the pictures from the past week in Nantucket because I'm kind of excited that this actually happened today but they will appear shortly.

Karen in front of the west side of the house.

The view from the White House garden.  The area beyond the fountain is where I graduated from college. 

Karen thought Sasha and Malia should have found it fun to come out and wave to us like the Royal Family.

The famous Rose Garden.

And a picture of the Beer Summit that happened in the Rose Garden.  There were lots of photos like this one to remind the visitors of what happened where and which first lady planted what trees.

Sasha and Malia's swing set.  Am I wrong to think they probably don't use this any more?

The famous White House Beehive which makes the honey for the White House beer.

The kitchen garden which was really far away from the house but large and impressive.

And this is probably my favorite picture of the day - Karen with Rosalynn Carter and the White House.

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