18 October 2012

Nantucket Food

My favorite restaurant in Nantucket closed on the Monday we were there which made me so sad.  Unfortunately, a lot of the restaurants closed and it became more of a chore to find a place with good food to eat.  We ended up eating pizza by the slice and cold cereal for most of our meals.  But if Provisions Sandwiches had been open the entire week we were there, I would have been there everyday.  It's the kind of place that stays open until 5 pm or until all of the bread is gone which can happen in the early afternoon.  It really is just that good.

Mom had the Turkey Terrific which is essentially Thanksgiving between two pieces of Portuguese bread - turkey, stuffing, cranberry and mayo.

I had the Other Turkey with avocado, bacon, pickled shallots, horseradish mayo and arugula on herb bread.  I wish I could have ordered 6 more to last the week.  I did order the almond butter and cherry jam on Portuguese bread to eat that night for dinner.  I have dreams about the turkey sandwich. 

Black-Eyed Susan's was open for the week we were there and it's kind of famous on Yelp at least for good brunch.  It was fine.  I was just really impressed with the breakfast sandwich I ordered.  It looks fine, right?

But then I opened the other side and realized all of the bacon.  It became all that much better.

Moral of the post - visit Nantucket when Provisions is open and bacon makes everything better.

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  1. Checking out these pictures is making me so hungry! I love vacationing on Nantucket and a huge part of that is all of the local eateries. Definitely a shame when they start to close down for the winter. Fall is one of my favorite times to visit and it definitely is tough finding places to eat. Provisions really does have some amazing sandwiches though! Alright, time to start looking at the Nantucket vacation rentals for this year... Can't wait to get there already!