06 October 2012

Black Watch

I'm leaving for a week in Nantucket.  It's my first vacation in over a year and I'm so excited.  It's the perfect time after a month of crazy changes to just escape for a little while.  I want my Moonrise Kingdom experience.

I'm boarding a plane in a few hours but I really wanted to post on the play I saw Wednesday night at the Shakespeare Theater called Black Watch. 

The space was amazing.  It's been built since I left DC in 2008.  We actually sat on the stage for the performance which I was wary of in the beginning but I ended up loving it. 

The play is about the Black Watch in Iraq during the early years of the war.  The Black Watch is the Scottish infantry regiment.  The play goes through the history of the regiment in an innovative way using the uniforms to tell a story.  I cried a few times because it brought the war to a very intimate setting. Erik went with me and he was still deciding if he even liked it.  I did and it resonated with me more than I expected.  It's interesting to see the experience of our Allies in a war that was very much an American war.

I walk by the theater every morning on the way to work and think it's beautiful, especially when it's lit up.

I'm off to Nantucket to find Wes Anderson.

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