25 October 2012

I ♥ José Andrés

José Andrés is one of the best chefs in DC and has done a lot to make it a good food city.  I've eaten at all of his restaurants from Minibar to Cafe Atlantico (when it was still open) and returned often to all of them.

Phor and I went out last week to Jaleo.  I remember coming here years ago when there really was no reason to be in downtown DC.  Penn Quarter has exploded with restaurants and bars since then but this place is still one of the best in the area.

I wasn't going to take pictures of the food for this meal but I loved the colors in this salad.  It's a warm Brussels sprouts salad with apricots, apple and Serrano ham.  It tastes like early fall to me.

And this dish looks ridiculous plated but it is delicious.  It's the perfect comfort dish of chorizo with olive oil mashed potatoes and cider sauce.

So the outside and the food are lovely but the interior is a mess and not picture worthy.  It's almost worth a look because it makes no sense.  You'll see when you visit.

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