26 October 2012

D.C. United, the Screaming Eagles, and Winning

I remember going to DC United games in 1996, the first year the MLS was created.  There were not a whole lot of people in the stands but they wanted to be there.  DC United have won 5 championships since then but there has been a long recent dry spell.  It was exciting to go to a game at RFK with near capacity crowds last week (not counting the upper deck where seats aren't even sold).

DC played Columbus and this was the game that decided if DC was in the playoffs.  We only had to tie to ensure a spot.

It was Jenica's first DC United game and we sat right behind the Screaming Eagles, the support club.  I forgot how much fun they can be and also the raining beer when DC scores a goal.  Fortunately, we were far enough behind to only get the confetti.

But we got to see the flags and hear the chants.

We even got to hold the enormous flag that the crowd pulled up over us.

Neither of us had eaten so we tried out the food at RFK.  Don't ever do this.  We ate churros which were hard and sesame chicken which was very brown. 

The last half was exciting but when United scored a goal in the 90-something minute of the game, the stadium erupted.  It was incredible to see DC so excited after the Nationals failed in their bid in the playoffs.

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