27 October 2012

The Black Cat

I have seen some of the best bands in my lifetime at the Black Cat.  I remember seeing Blur in 1997 where 200 of us went crazy listening to Song 2.  I was standing next to a man completely dressed in leather and I kept sticking to him because I was so sweaty.  Damon Albarn poured bottles of Evian on us because it was so hot in that club.

I saw Sufjan on the Seven Swans tour here in 2004 with Robin.  I saw Bon Iver here in 2007 and the Kills that same year.  This is where I saw all of the bands before they became big.

Last night Phor and I saw AC Newman on his solo tour from the New Pornographers.  We started out in the front where I took these pictures.

Every band needs a flautist.

We then moved to the back because the sound in that place is always better in the back.  And then it was just fun to see all of the people. We saw one man in a full goose costume.  I tried to take a picture but it was too dark.   People just wanted to touch the goose and it was fun watching them try to do this undetected.  We all saw the couple making out full on locked lips but still dancing.  And that one guy who is so drunk that he cannot focus on anything.  The music was great but this really is the best place for some serious people watching.

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