03 September 2012

Last Week in NYC: Tuesday

It's during the times of change in my life that I realize who I can count on.  I've been overwhelmed by my friends with their help and support.

Tuesday was the day that I took things to Salvation Army.  The lovely Sara came over after work to help me.  It was so much easier with two people.

We then hopped on the L train and went out to Bushwick to eat at Roberta's.  It was the afternoon on a Tuesday and I hoped there wouldn't be a wait and there wasn't.  We ate in the atrium and it was a really lovely lunch.

We ate corn with mint, onions, and serrano peppers.  I couldn't get enough of the peppers.  Both of us realized we hadn't eaten any corn yet this summer.

Oh the pizza.  Thank you Roberta's for only putting the meat on half the pizza.  Sara asked for capers on her half.  

A closer look of the Axl Rosenberg with tomato, mozzarella,  sopressatta, double garlic, and jalapeno.  Delicious.

I then did something that was life changing.  Women - get thee to Intimacy on Madison and 90th and get sized for the correct bra.  I recommend it for everyone.

I then walked around Midtown and just looked at cool buildings and places that I pass often.

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