02 September 2012

My NYC Home

It took me 3.5 years and a lot of help from friends but I finally finished decorating my home.  I still need to buy a new desk and bookcase for the bedroom but I decided to wait until I was in DC to see what my home there would be like.

Just a couple of photos to remember what my home in nyc was like.  People often came over for the big dances when would put the furniture in my bedroom that they never saw what my home really looked like.

It took me a long time to find furniture that I really loved.  All of these pieces I will keep for a very long time.  I had so much difficulty choosing the rug in the front room but Hillary convinced me at the time to go with the yellow.  I love it.

I love almost everything from Dwell and the print is fabric from Marimekko stretched out.  It was the least expensive way to deal with a large white space.

I wanted an Eames desk chair for a very long time.  I used my discount when I joined MOMA to get 20% off.

The Eames rocking chair was another purchase I planned on for years.  I found the large map of Paris in a store in Seattle.  Again, a perfect item for a large wall but I know it will work in a smaller room.

My most loved items - my butterfly from Deyrolle, art works from Ben and Jess, favorite books, and my parent's engagement and wedding photo.

I have a lot of art pieces made by friends.  I love the one on the far left - a picture that Ty took when I was with him in Paris and he enlarged for a birthday gift.

I'll miss the light in this room.  It was never a lot except first thing in the morning.

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  1. I miss this place. some of my favorite nyc memories are in this place.