04 September 2012

Last Week in NYC: Wednesday

Things are getting hectic with the move but I still had some time to run some errands.  During those errands, I passed by Russ & Daughters which is one of the best places in NYC hands down.  Great fish, bagels, dried fruit, chocolates.  Essentially everything you need to throw a brunch and to snack.

I also passed by laboratorio del gelatio.  I wasn't going to stop but then I remembered that I am moving and there won't be another time in a while.  I ordered the turkish fig with yogurt flavored gelato. 

I walked by Katz's on Houston and then crossed over to 1st St where I passed Prune.  I've been there but I enjoyed reading Gabrielle Hamilton's book more than I liked eating her food.  I still loved the cafe feel of the restaurant and the doors were thrown open for the gorgeous day.

I made the deliberate turn on 2nd St to go to John Derian's stores.  I love both stores and have bought many things from them.  It's also where I once saw Aziz Ansari which made me so happy.


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm out of touch - are you moving back to DC?

    1. Thanks so much! I am back in DC. And living in actual DC this time.