16 September 2012

An Accidental Discovery - Good Burgers in DC

Phor and I met at Costco on Monday night.  Costco saps all the strength from my body but it's so well worth it.  I don't have to buy tp or paper towels for a year at least.

We dropped off the stuff at my place and realized how hungry we both were.  We turned in the direction of H St and I forced Phor to choose a place.  It wasn't nice of me but I knew she would come through.

We went to The Big Board ready for anything but not sure what to expect since it was new for both of us.  I was so happy with the menu - good burgers and sweet potato fries. We ordered and just stared at the TV waiting with impatience for food.  The US Open men finals were on and I was excited to watch Andy Murray win his first grand slam. 

I ate The Great Chicago Fire with chili and mango salsa, pepper jack cheese and chipolte aioli.  I admit I was starving which exponentially increases the belief that I'm eating the best food ever but this was a fine burger.  I was super impressed with the bread.  I may never return here because the memory is still that good.  But I may and I hope it will again be that good.

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