01 September 2012

Noguchi and Star Trek

I took a field trip to Queens on Saturday.  I haven't explored much of Queens apart from the US Open and Thai food.  It's a different environment than either Manhattan or Brooklyn but I really liked visiting the Noguchi Museum.

I'm actually more familiar with Noguchi through his furniture designs but I've seen some of his sculptures.  The museum used to be his studio and the garden is especially beautiful.

I focused on his shapes and all of the variations.  I also liked his choice of colors and material.  I wanted to watch the film about his life but I had to leave to visit the other locations.

Unfortunately, the park was in between exhibits but the Socrates Sculpture Park is beautiful.  It's a different view across the East River to Manhattan.

And then I walked to the Museum of the Moving Image.  I had no idea how much I would love this place.  Every corner there was something cool to look at and explore.  Old cameras, old tvs, old film props, and an old episode of The Muppet Show with Victor Borge.  They play it on loop and I laughed so hard.  I didn't realize it would still be funny but it is and now I want to buy the dvds.

Do you recognize this actor?  As soon as I saw it was Al Pacino, it became very obvious.

And this is Jack Palance.

I loved this - seeing how the John Hurt transformed into Joseph Merrick (the elephant man).

Mork from Ork.

A Bill Cosby sweater from the Cosby sweater.  

And the whole crew from Star Trek.  You may not believe this but I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode of Star Trek at least once.  We were a Star Trek family.  Had a crush on Captain Kirk way way back in the day.


  1. That museum is cool! It reminds me of the science fiction museum here. Have you been? I was fixated by the original War of the Worlds broadcast that also played on a loop!

    1. I haven't but I'll have to go. I will prob be obsessed with the same thing.