19 September 2012

The Realist

DC is rich with museums.  They all seem just down the block from where I live now so I ran to the National Gallery of Art on Saturday to see the George Bellows exhibit.  I always think of him as the painter of boxers.  I feel like I completely underestimated him.  His art is gorgeous, saturated with color and feeling, and strong.

I remember coming to DC for the first time in 8th grade and loving all of the grand white buildings.  DC really knows how to build large white powerful buildings.

One of the fountains in the National Gallery.  I did not take pictures of the paintings in the exhibit but these were some of my favorites.  The exhibit will be at the Met in November and I hope my NY friends will take advantage of it.

I can feel the power in his boxing series.

The portrait of his wife with his two daughters.  Bellows died in his forties which is so young. He was incredibly prolific though which is wonderful for his admirers.

This was part of a series he painted about World War 1, specifically about Belgium.  It is incredible to go into the room surrounded by the misery and violence being portrayed.

And then I walked around downtown DC only to be so excited that I found a Pitango close to my home.  This is one of the two top gelaterias in DC.  I had rhubarb and it reminded me of eating at Roman's in Brooklyn with Nick and Whitney for her birthday three years ago.

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