10 September 2012

Home Sweet Home

I spent all last week unpacking and arranging and everything is done.  Phor came over tonight and commented that it reminds her of a hotel because it still doesn't feel like I'm really in DC.  It's all my stuff but I know the feeling.  I really don't feel like I'm here but kind of in between places.  I feel like NYC was a dream.

I spent Saturday buying plants and potting them.  It doesn't feel like home until I have plants.

Not enough space for a large dance party but we can accommodate a small one.

Dave from NYC (so happy he's back in my life) came over last week to help me.  He convinced me to put the Keep Calm poster over the toilet.

I love that all of these recipe books save one were given to me as gifts. 

See it's my same home in NYC but just arranged a little bit different and smaller.  Please come and visit.

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